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21st-Sep-2019 07:32 pm - [OOC] HMD
relaxed smile
How am I doing? If you've got complaints, questions, or just wanna comment on how I'm handling Jaime, feel free to let me know here. o/ All comments are screened, anons can post, and uh... I'd turn off IP logging if I could (d-derp much?), so don't feel like you'll be personally attacked or anything if you say anything negative.

Additionally, there's PMs for this or my personal journal (regalblaze), and you could IM me on AIM (Bengali Sonata). Thanks!
2nd-Apr-2011 01:17 am - 01 | video
awkwardness ensues!
[Figures that he'd somehow wind up in a new world without realizing just how or why. Jaime sighs, staring at the device before awkwardly waving at everyone.]

Hey guys. I don't know how many of you actually get this - or how many of you're actually friendly - but uh, is it normal for someone to come without remembering just how he got here? to this--- [he pauses, as if listening to something]--this Demeleier place? Because this really isn't funny.

[He's still got the crown on his head, so he carefully reaches up for it and takes it off. Again, he seems to be listening to something nearby, since he softly hisses something along the lines of, "no dimensional coordinates? Is that even possible?"]

... I'm Jaime, by the way. I hate to impose on people, but if anyone'd be willing to give me a welcome wagon speal - or you know, a way back to Texas - that'd be great too.
17th-May-2010 08:20 am - o14
stressed out here
I think it's safe to say that useless inventions are part of the Jaime Reyes lifestyle. First it was the vacuum (which I hope Cafe Demois is enjoying!) and then it was the toaster that also boiled eggs (... the library can use it somehow. I'm sure of it)... and now?

I'm afraid to say number three is a solar powered flashlight.

It was weird, but... I somehow remembered someone important while I was working on said flashlight. I've never met Ted Kord in person, but just looking back and reading his accounts inspired me a lot. He was an inventor - of things people actually used - and someone who was really fun to hang around. I kind of wish I'd gotten to meet him, just once, before he passed away. Doesn't seem like it'll happen anytime soon, though.

[Filtered to Close Friends, somewhat hackable]
Ted Kord also had my superhero name before me... actually, the whole "superpowered scarab" thing? Was a legacy. I'm not sure if anyone came before Ted Kord - or after me - but the legacy of the Blue Beetle's been around for forever. The only reason I became the third Blue Beetle, really, was because I found Ted's scarab.

Huh. Guess I don't need to go around as Super Roboman anymore. Blue Beetle... I think I like the sound of that.

[ooc; 2% memory regain! Jaime remembers his last name (whoops, forgot that part), as well as everything he knows about Ted Kord - including the legacy of the Blue Beetle. ... Yes, it is saying something when he knows a lot and it's still only a 2% memory regain. Comic continuity lasts forever. ._.]
22nd-Apr-2010 12:08 am - o13
suspicious here, was not expecting that
A vacuum? I get all these notes on how to invent and build things and the end result was a vacuum?

... Ah, well, I guess this'll make maintenance a lot easier. If you guys wanna stop by and see it, you're definitely more than welcome to. I'm just going to be... boggling over how the end result was a vacuum.

[Filter: Private | hard to hack]
Sad part is, that was the non-lethal "weapon" the scarab was talking about. Non-lethal! I'm afraid to ask how a vacuum can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

I mean, it's cool that he's so into technology and how to build things, but really. Why couldn't the scarab have given me instructions on how to make video games? Or you know, something more useful than a vacuum?
10th-Mar-2010 06:21 pm - o12
Huh, so I did return home... a whole year later.

Guys? Good tip for the future: Time flows differently in space. If you think you're stuck there only for one night, chances are that you're horribly, horribly wrong.

Dios mio... I didn't mean to upset my parents like that at all. The worst part of all this was? My story wasn't even the weirdest story in El Paso county. Upside, I didn't have to fill out paperwork to go back to school.

Downside? It kind of makes you wonder exactly what kind of world I live in if stuff like this is completely and totally normal.

[ooc; 3% on his return home from outer space and the ensuing chaos that followed. Jaime's not exactly willing to talk about it, but... yeah, poor boy looks slightly more depressed than usual. (Edit: It's 3% now - I forgot that the "ensuing chaos" was a LOT of info to take in.)]
22nd-Feb-2010 12:42 pm - o11
being serious here
So somehow I managed to miss Ash Wednesday altogether - and therefore, I'm going to have to make up 2 extra days of more Bible reading. How the heck did I manage to miss the beginning of Lent? Oy, Mom's gonna kill me if she ever finds out.

... Huh, so I guess I finally remembered my mom. She's a pretty cool person. Has to be, since she's a paramedic at the local hospital, and she's easily the kindest and strictest person I know at the same time. I mean, who else would yell, "Is that a giant green hammer I see behind your back?" and get a Green Lantern of all people to stop fighting?

A Green Lantern... he's kinda hard to explain, but they're a group of people who can create anything from these green rings they have. I think they were weak to the color yellow at one point, but Guy - the Green Lantern Mom yelled at - didn't seem to be.

I mean, I knew my world always had a bunch of superheroes running around before, but I didn't remember large groups like the Lanterns hanging around either.

Emil? I guess that settles the question of if we were married. Somehow I doubt staunch Catholic moms who want their sons in church every Sunday might not be so open to said sons marrying other boys.

[ooc; Apologies if that last comment sounds... idk, racist/homophobic/anti-gay? Jaime's just a normal kid. D: With a very cool and understanding, but also very Catholic and religious mommy.

Anyhow, 3% memory regain: Jaime now remembers his mommy Bianca, the scene where she yells at Guy for trying to attack her son, Guy Gardner, and what a Green Lantern is.]
8th-Feb-2010 07:15 pm - o1o
[Recorded: WHAT?! But it can't be--- it's not possible--- Dios mío! What would Mom and Dad say if they saw me now....

Give Jaime a while, folks. There's definitely some ranting and rambling before he finally writes his entry down - and it's clearly audible thanks to the scarab's hax audio powers. Scarab loves making Jaime's life miserable.]

Sorry, guys: I didn't mean to give you a lesson in "Spanish Cursing 101."

It's just... I don't really... Erk, it's even harder to explain on paper. It feels so unreal, and yet, I'm not sure how it even happened.

Emil? Can we talk? In private? Because I just remembered something pretty important.
26th-Jan-2010 08:46 pm - oo9
awkward glances, watching you
[Under every occupied door in the Ari and Memoria apartments, there have been freshly printed photocopies of a certain diary entry left underneath the doorstep.

Jaime won't be able to answer questions about these letters - since it will be impossible to trace him back to distribution, but either way - but enjoy reading it, everyone?]

[Filter: Private, hackable by friends]
You know, I wasn't able the scarab was able to do that... funny, I suppose I should listen to it more often. "It?" Does the scarab even have a gender? --- Okay, fine, you're male. Just like half the population here.

Point is! I think I'm finally getting some memories back about it, and they're mostly concerning his abilities.

I kind of wonder what I'm really capable of now, all things considered.

[ooc; 2% memory regain! Jaime can now use the scarab as his personal technology center, so he can photocopy/upload things to the scarab's memory and interface. Additionally, he can use it as a cell phone/radio/etc, but since this is ME... it really doesn't affect his day-to-day life.

Also? He remembers his father's car garage, so he's now capable of most motor/technological repairs.]
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